about us


What Drives the Group

The Group’s business philosophy in its relationship with customers, distributors/dealers, and suppliers is hinged on delivering excellence at all times. The Group is guided by the following vision, mission and core values:




We aim to be the country’s leader in providing engineering, agricultural, industrial, food and knowledge-based products, services and solutions for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

We aspire for excellence in everything we do by adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, by making integrity the foundation of all our relationships, and by focusing on the unlimited potential of our people.

We are a responsible partner on the road to progress and development, contributing to our country’s collective hope for a better life.




Our mission is to understand the business of our customers and prospective customers, assess their needs, and provide creative, responsive, timely and cost-effective products by drawing upon our extensive experience and resources. We are committed to:


  • Providing quality products and services to our customers;
  • Creating high-quality brand products that our clients trust;
  • Building stronger relationships with our suppliers;
  • Extending meaningful employment and a better quality of life to our employees;
  • Delivering reasonable returns to our shareholders; and
  • Servicing the community at large.

In all our dealings, we uphold the values of professionalism, integrity, commitment, excellence and reliability.




We are an organization committed to:


  • Pursuing excellence in everything we do;
  • Embracing change and innovation in our quest for continuous improvement; and
  • Institutionalizing integrity as the bedrock of our employees’ ethics and our corporate culture.