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In the 1960s, when the country started implementing modernization programs for the agriculture sector, the company’s founder and patriarch, Dr. Ceferino L. Follosco, saw a business opportunity in the trading of agricultural discs and spare parts. With minimal capital, Dr. Follosco established Alpha Machinery & Engineering Corporation (Alpha). When it started in 1966, the company had no office and no staff, just a P.O. box address in Manila.

Over the years, Alpha’s product line expanded.

Banking on its experience in the trading of mechanical, electrical and agricultural products, Alpha, in 1974, ventured into local fabrication.  This paved the way for the establishment of the second company in the Group ---Follosco Manufacturing & Industrial Corporation (FMIC). FMIC initially focused on the manufacture of agricultural implements but has since then broadened its product mix. In 1979, Allied Sales Corporation was created to provide support services for CLFG’s manufacturing, trading and agriculture-related activities.

As part of the Group’s business development efforts, a management and consultancy company was organized by CLFG Chairman Dr. Follosco in 1982 ---  Agro-Industrial Management and Consultancy Inc. (AIMCON).  Through AIMCON, the Group identified potential agribusiness projects and provided the proponents with management and technical advice.  In so doing, these projects became viable and later on, as sustainable agribusiness ventures, contributed to CLFG’s customer base.

Recognizing the opportunity in power plants and industrial plants, Acetech Construct Corp. (Acetech) was established in 1988 to construct power plants using bunker-fed engines (with Alpha as exclusive agent). Likewise in 1988, the need to address the financing requirements of Alpha’s growing clientele led CLFG to organize a finance operation, albeit initially as an in-house facility. The financing business, now known as Active Alliance Finance Corporation, was registered as a lending investor in 1992. It was later incorporated into a full-service finance company.
Cognizant of its responsibility to its employees, the families of its employees, and the community at large, Cef and Ester Follosco Foundation, Inc. (CEFFI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2001. CEFFI provides financial assistance, medical assistance, disaster and calamity assistance, and training to CLFG’s employees, their dependents and relatives, and to other foundations and institutions.

As part of the Group’s growth strategy, CLFG represented John Deere Tractors from Brazil, India, Mexico and the US in 2003.  This led to the establishment of the AG-MECH Systems Corporation. In 2005, the idea to maximize CLFG’s assets, specifically warehouse space, prompted the creation of yet another company -- Access Storage and Logistics Systems Corporation. This company leases out storage box spaces in two warehouse locations.

Later on, two other companies were established - ProBlends Food Corporation in 2007 primarily to engage in tolling operations for custom blended juices and teas, propriety mixes and specialty ingredients for food processors, food chains and food service establishments nationwide, and Hydrotech Systems & Resources Corporation in 2008 to provide the latest technology and widest range of water and water treatment systems.
Forty-three years after the establishment of its founding company, CL Follosco Group, Inc. was incorporated as a holding company in 2009. 
In 2011, CLFG Inc. was registered to handle the marketing operations of the group's provincial branches. The group also launched Aqua Care Chemicals as its own brand of swimming pool and water treatment chemicals. 
The group welcomed three companies in 2012. First was CLFG Capital Corp., a private direct investment firm that aims to provide access to capital to start up firms and emerging growth companies. Next one was WeConnect Training and Development Solutions Inc., an outsourcing company that provides human resource and employment solutions to its clients in the BPO industry. Last one was One Outsource Direct Corp., a business process outsourcing company that offers contact center management, revenue-generating channels management and back office services.
Two new companies joined the group in succeeding years. CLFG Travel House Corp., was established in 2013 as a company that offers travel and tour services like flight and hotel booking, visa processing, and others. The following year, Active Food Innovators Corp. was registered as a food ingredients company that produces spray-dried powders and offer other tolling services.